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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Dec 2001|12:07am]



80 % 1980s

I want my, I want my, I want my MTV...money for nothing, chicks for free.

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[20 Dec 2001|12:08am]

nite nite...if u feel the need to call ......call my cell301-254-5308...

unlike a lot of people i dont care if u wake me up
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what?? [20 Dec 2001|06:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

dude whats up with Livejournal...i can t even get to the mainpage... thats aggrivating..

so today i went with my mom and her friend, Rose, to rockville where my mom procede to drop me off on the pike..in the middle of traffic..in the freezing cold.. good times...then i went to MC and waited for 2 hours to see a goddamn councelor.. i get to re-take the placement test on January 2nd at NINE AM!!!1 but january first my aunt randi and uncle allen (who live in Rockville) will be out of town and i can probably take over their apartment for a night.. and then goto school in the morning..maybe Kim will come stay with me.. or ET.. or both?? hehe..score.. or not.. hehe...then i went to the mall and talked to Erik for an obscene amount of time.. even Albert said i should work there.. geez..they should just give me a job.. for real...then Ryan and Rob picked me up and we got justin and went bowling..i lost.. both games.. chris and diane left early.. me, justin, rob, and ryan (and erica who also like left early)...bowled and stuff ...and it was fun..rob was wearing a silky cool lookign dragon-y shirt..i wanted it...justin and i made obscene references to eachother..on the way home he bit me a lot.. like my shoulder.. and stuff.. we got in a mad bitch fight.. little fucker bit me....grr....anyway..its all good now.....

i'm home.. jon snow is supposed to come get the computer thingie.. tonight..

i'm hungy

oh my starbucks card has like 20-something dollars on it..like i goto starbucks that fuckin often..PA_LEESE


i talked to jeremy for a while..he's so neato

today is Jennifer's bday.cute indian chick.. happy bday..i.f u even read this..i miss her..we never hang out anymore..she's always working and stuff....i shold goto the restuiraunt sometime soon..its just SO good..i love indian food..

i'm tired..i'm gonna go whore myself to thte nintendo for a while

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[20 Dec 2001|06:34pm]
its not just Livejournal...like all websites are down or somethin
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[20 Dec 2001|06:40pm]
ok..now they decide to work...what the hell is going on??

shanachana: oh yeah and the address is
Mrriott Wardman Park Hotel
2660 Woodley Road, NW
Washington DC 20008

USY convention i plan on crashign on the 26ths...maybe even the 27th.. hahahaha.......i'm evil
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[20 Dec 2001|06:44pm]
angela.i wanna goto johnjohn's thing.....i love him/..he's So cute!
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[20 Dec 2001|09:55pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

ONE DAY!!!!! i'm very excited..anyway

yeah..i'm tired

Jon snow picked up the computer.. I LOVE JON SNOW!!!!!!! he's SO cute!!!!.. his dad is neato.. wowies..

for diner..i had an artichoke...its the weirdest vegitable...where the hell did it come from.. artichokes boggle my mind...but taste good wth salad dressing

i'm sleepish.. i want ET to call but i doubt he will....i'd call Erik but he went to a movie or somethign with Other EBX people.. i dunno if he's back yet..



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[20 Dec 2001|10:12pm]
thats stupid as all......get out
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[20 Dec 2001|10:40pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


dont fuckin call me hypicritcal if u dont know what the fuck ur taalking about....which u dont...do just shut the fuck up....doont fuckin blame me for u not getting alcohal..its not right.. aside from u being duckin 16!..its just not fuckin right..and u dont even fuckin understand my arguement.. dont argue somethign u know nothing about.. fuck you

[20 Dec 2001|11:31pm]
i'm tored...i'm going to sleep....call 301-254-5308 if u wanna talk
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[20 Dec 2001|11:36pm]
[ mood | angry ]

the whole homecoming thing pissed me off because u were going to do stuff just because.. and thats not a good reason....i got fucked up cause i had my reasons which you wouldnt understand.. so fuck you....why aer bringing up old shit..this has NOTHIGN to do with that...ur just pissed off cause i told ROb not to buy you alcohal.. thats no reason to bring up the past.. that IS irrelevent to the whole fucking situation.. Just because I do somethign doesnt mean its the right thing to do...i am NOT a role model.. thats why i bitch at peopel for doing stuff....because its somethign STUPID>....so yeah i'm hypocritical.. but yeah ur bitching about before....GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!....iits done with....and by the way you already bitched at me for that.... like it really makes a fuckin difference....it doesnt...get the fuck over it... grow up...

[20 Dec 2001|11:38pm]
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