December 22nd, 2001


there was one thing missing from this great day....adn scotty is evil

today i started walking..ended up at the high school.. hung out with my bitches.. ran into Spencer in Ms Ogaz's was neato..i gave him a hug.. hana was festiv decorated in lights.. ii went down to the lunchroom and was attacked by audrey.. she kissed me.. a lot.. and then made me kiss pat in the hat..which wa awkward and weird... cause i'm viva and he's pat and viva and pat dont kiss.. hahaha... then AC called and she and Brit picked me up adn we went to go get Flowers for Kimi.. we goto the flower place in the village.. and me and Ac spend like an HOUR finding the perfect flowers for kimi.. oh my god they were SO BEAUTIFUL..i was like wow.. and brit helped and it was cool.. and then we got her a card and it said "i'm sorry " on it.. so we wrote "i'm sorry that you are so beautiful, and that you were so far away and that we couldnt be there.. with love , viva and ava" and it was pretty.. so we put the flowers oon her doorstep (in a vase) .. we ring the doorbell but she wasnt home yet.. so we leave and go pick up twiggy.. and goto the mall for like an hour.. i have a starbucks card so i got people drinks and stuff... brit returned stuff...we hung out in suncoast and ebx and then spencers.. then left ..we stopped by kimi's house was like 3pm now..she still wasnt we go to rio to go see a movie.. but nothign was playing..well it was..but mad crowded.. so we goto Kentlands.. and we end up seeing Oceans eleven.. it was a good movie.. its very well acted.. good cast..julia roberts..oh yeah..before the movie we went to the dollar store and got Mondo (drinks) and gummie super heros and like chips or somethign.. and snuck them into the movie in Twiggy's coat..the movie was great..then we left and went by kimi's house again.. she wasnt home but the flowers were i hope she got them and they like werent stolen or anything..cause that would SUCK.. dude the lady at the flower shop was a bitch.. grr.. it was ike 3$ or something PER flower.. which was odd.. i think i dunno.. but like.. she kept trying to add up stuff when we werent done getting stuff together...then we dropped Twiggs off at his aunt's house and then me, brit and Ava came back to my house and watched FOXFIRE , starrign that hot chick..angelina jolie.. dude there is a scene where like all five chicks are like topless...nonetheless its a good movie.. i think i'll get it.. when i can.. anyway...i'm re-broke.. peter randomly showed up in the middle of the movie.. to just be like whattup.. and i was like hey..

the only thing i wanted to do today was see kimi.. or at least talk to her.. but i all...i hope she had a good/safe trip back...hmm tomarrow.. yum

i talked to ET for like 2 seconds..i called but he didnt pick up ..then he called me back and was like i'm tired..adn i was like..i just wanted to see what was up and he was like..ok .. i'm gonna go crash then..i was like ok..lates..

i set the table tonight...there is space at the table for 17..i ran out of chairs.. but 17 can sit at the table.. best friends get top priority and kimi and ET of course..and anyone out of high school... minus Brett if he fuckin shows up uninvited...grr...

this SO gonna rock

the table is pretty.. granted there is like 2 different sets of silverwear and plates casue i ran out of one..

scotty loves britney.....heehee

angelina jolie is really hot..


SoccerScott2002: I just got back from the concert
DivaVivaLF: how was it

SoccerScott2002: she pointed to me twice and looked at me five times and she was hot and they're real and it was amazing

DivaVivaLF: awesome!
DivaVivaLF: oh yeah..britney wants you baby

SoccerScott2002: I know!!!!
SoccerScott2002: she was all over me
DivaVivaLF: oh yeah

SoccerScott2002: I had a good look at her breasts and they're real
SoccerScott2002: there is never enough breast talk

DivaVivaLF: oy gevalt

SoccerScott2002: exactly

DivaVivaLF: ur dirty
DivaVivaLF: go take a shower
DivaVivaLF: a cold one

SoccerScott2002: I think I will
DivaVivaLF: hehe
SoccerScott2002: I caught Britney confetti

DivaVivaLF: ur nuts

SoccerScott2002: I know
SoccerScott2002: it's in a bag

DivaVivaLF: ur nuts?

SoccerScott2002: the confetti
SoccerScott2002: and my nuts

DivaVivaLF: oh yeah.. right...i knew that
DivaVivaLF: OY... dirty

SoccerScott2002: not the same bag though
Viva: i lost my flower

Brit: dont eat it......i mean i'm sorry!

Brit: so u want me to bring edible food to the dinner and not diapers....i mean brownies!

Brit has speech problems
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The Eighties Pop Act Test deems me: </td>

85% Eighties Pop Act
You are Bruce Springsteen: You grew a lot during the eighties and nineties, but none of your friends will let you live down what you did in the eighties. So, put on your Members Only jacket and breakdance. </td>

Which SNL Loser are *YOU*?

oh 0.yeah...i'm so the shit..

whatever..i'm STILL up.. tomarrow i get to slave over a hot stove all day..and stuff....good times.. feel free to stop by earlier and hang out and whatnot
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i've had puddle of mudd's blurrin in my head all day so i downloaded it...

its 4:;15am..i'm stil up..i wonder why i cant sleep...

i cant stop thinking about kimi.. she's home..i still havent seen her....i would seriously go sit outside her house like right now.. but i;m not,,.i hope she comes over early.. i dont know..she might and suprise me.. i hope i hope i hope...

my throat hurts..i want tea but i dont want to go make twiggs mixed tea and coffee and it was really good...

wow.i'm thinking about making brownies for tomarrow.. even though there will be cheesecake and robbie is bringing cookies.. and brit might bring brownies also.. or diapers..i'm not sure at this point....hahaha..i'm still not funny..i try though..

i want audrey to come even though i didnt invite her..and i want dennis and brian to come too.. and angela and jpaul..i want them to come too.. but yeah..i dunno.. not enough places.. and it sucks


i hope tonight goes well
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oh wow..i ended up sleeping at like 5am.. i woke up like 10 min ago.. crazy shite.. i'm gonna gop take a shower and clean up and stuff..then like go clean the house to the best of my ability then start with the whole cooking me at home.. or on my cell whatev
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more crazy band names from twiggs

Bitch-loaded cheesecake

there was one other one that i cant remember
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KIM CALLED!!! yay!!!...she got the flowers..she is coming tonight..i'm very excited!

i watched Empire records this morning.. man i love that movie.. i called my step-asunt for the recipe to the brocoli and cheesy stuff that was really really good..but she wasnt there so she's supposed to call me back..i've been randomly cleaning all day.. my stepdad decided to bitch at me again for liek no reason.. i'm pretty much on the verge fo fuck you this point

erica called like really pissed off at everyone...she might not come tonight..i hope she does.. hmm..

anyway..i got to go..feel free to stop by at any time during the day and hang out...or come early..its all good.. call me at home or on the cell its all good..
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Erica called...she seemed in a lighter mood.. than before..she's bringing mashed potatoes tonight..score.. heehee... i think i might make potatoes also.. not sweet (cause ryan is bringing those) regular potatoes..

i want film.. like i'm gonna tape my dinner thing on video..but i want regular film.. anyone want to bring me film to use?


come by..i'm bored and cleaning..
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apperently nicole and mike are coming tonight also... oy.. lotta place to sit.... and i'm not sure i'll have anough plates and stuff...but it will work out.. kimi said so
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laka what?

i cn goto the lakadaisies show!!...if i goto sonny's house i can get a ride.. score and BJ is buying my ticket cause he owe's me ten bucks...i hope kimi can come with me!...lalala.. so i goto jeff's party and then make my way to sonny's house.. ..good times..maybe i'll grab phil's penis again.. good times
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i managed to get another table now there are like 19 places to sit.. as opposed to 16

oy i'm nervous....

i wonder who's gonna show up first


well yeah..i dont know whats gonna happen....

i made my parents listen to my Juliana theory album

my stepdad got mad..


(can this count as a poem)...i doubt it...
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