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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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ho hum..i think is the term [24 Dec 2001|02:29am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

today was sad..i took a LONG walk this morning...i walked to the mall....thats like 8-10 miles i think...and it was cold..... i still felt sad.. then jewboy called and it was ok..then werica called and i started to feel sad...then jeff got on the phone and i started crying.....then i stopped like 10 min later.....then i was walking and some old lady was like saying something about rain...i didnt really hear her...adn i started crying AGAIN!!!!!!.........all i can think is "what the fuck is wrong with me"....i got to the mall..i didnt go into suncoast...i hate the mall on the weeknds....it was packed..i went into EBX..... talked to Erik..coaxed him into giving me a ride to sonny's house.... i got to sonny's at like 5:15...they were JUST about to leave....sonny's dad (who was fucked up AND drunk) was like..go in Danny's car..and i was like ok..so i'm sititng next to christina zovko adn Kathy Kryztofic and danny is a good driver..and apperently his dad was driving the other car...and was like swurving all over the fuckin place.....so we get there....and the Lakadaisies go on...and they rock... bff and david show up ..and are like whatever.. ill-lojic came on next..they were ok..they could have been better...the one after that sucked.. then Sam's house came on..and they were fuckin AWESOME.. like i was sad up unitl that point when they came on..it was like this black dude who didnt stop smiling the ENTIRE time they were on..and he played a mean guitar.. and had a neato voice..adn then the other black dude on the drums and he was FUCKIN AWESOME!! he so kicked ass...then the random white dude who broke the bass string and it was funny.. they played like 70s-funk mixed with Rock..and it was AWESOME!!!....then sev came on and they fuckin ROCKED>.i got their old CD..tehir new one comes out in two weeks..adn their song is gonna be on the radio in January

New Years Eve..they are gonna be at Insomnia.. FYI... i'm not going..oh Danny from Sev..used my Duct tape.....and gave it back..which rocked.. so i went up tot he bartender to get food and i was like..can i get a burger..like all polite and stuff and he was like "no" and walked away....and i was about to be like FUCK YOU!.. but i walked away..and then came back..then he came back adn tyook my order..adn was like are u sure..adn i was like yea..and he was like ARE U SURE.. and i was like YEAH!.. grr....stupid peopel piss me off..... i ddint grab phil's penis..but i did grab his ass...he came into the crowd and was like just there .. shakin it.. like right next to me.. it was me, Danny, Kathy, christina, Sonny, BJ, Robbie, Zack, Zack's brother (luke), PAULA!!!!! grr,......liek the entire night paula was standing iin front of me or diagnally from me(in my viewing aarea).. like making out with zacks brother.. ok i dislike paula to begine.. and i really dont need to see her making out with zacks brother.. she claims to be a lesbian too....whatever.. before or after she went out with Jay.. FUCK YOU paula.. oh danny apperently has the clap or something..
.....Bj gave me a ride home.. he's cool..

jpaul fuckin IMs me and then starts warning me for no fuckin reason.. i thought we were fuckin cool again....apperently not or something.. that pisses me off so much.. cause not only does he do it for no reason....he ALWAYS does it when i'm either sad,depressed or eangry/pissed off.... i dont know what his fuckin problem is.. FUCk

i'm tired.....adn hungry....i dont know what i'm doing tomarrow
i dont care either

I am 78% evil.

Wow! I'm almost pure evil! Sin is my way of life. If there is a hell I have packed my bags for the trip.

Are you evil? find out at Hilowitz.com
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[24 Dec 2001|11:38am]
[ mood | tired ]

i went to bed at 4am.....my brother called and woke me up like 10 min ago.. he wants to hang out today....do i really want to hang out with my brother?....asshole.. no..but ten to one i will anyway..just cause i have nothing else to do..

merry xmas eve....

my mom is sick... like really sick.... so u know what that means..there will be a bitch lotta soup in the house....whenever she's sick..she's home..whenever she's home..she makes soup..i dont know why....she just does...

i love hana and all those stupid cheesefries you throw down my boobs..

i hate my hair

i miss kimi

i miss ET..

i miss Naor

i do NOT miss jon stein ....at all.....grr.....asshole

i do not miss my father

i miss my little sisters

i miss jeff

i miss myself

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[24 Dec 2001|12:30pm]
uch i'm watching the video from my party.....i look SO hideious.. well to me anyway...i hate it.. ad it didnt work oput the way i wanted to... i dunno.. hmm

i SO dont want to go all the way to fuckin rockvilel.. my brother was like..yeah i'll sneek u into a movie.. and i'm like..... whatever....grr......i have a lovely view of fedeli's eye...and like....the inside of hana's mike's mouth....lovely... whatever..i dunno
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[24 Dec 2001|12:34pm]
hana's bitch plays with his hair a lot..thats liek all he did..the whole night...its almost amusing
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[24 Dec 2001|01:18pm]
i'm tired like all fo the time now......like i'm never not tired....i feel so ugly... probbly fromt he whoel tired thing....

i dotn want to goto rockville today....well i mean i would...but like not to hang out with my brother.. thats not worth my time

i still feel liek crap..due to the whole PMS thing...i hate being a chick,..

i'm tired...i might try and sleep..ii doubt its gonna happen........call me....come over.....whatever
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[24 Dec 2001|01:27pm]
i didnt even finish watchign the tape.sits just of people like sitting and talking and eating and stuff......i have like 3 hours of it on two tape.s.. so i got annoyed and turned it off

my mom is sick and bitching.. my stepdad is just bitching.....i dont want to be here....but i dont want to walk anywhere......what should i do?
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[24 Dec 2001|01:39pm]
i love brit..cause she makes no sense..her AIM info

Yanni on a stick. You smell like Yanni. Yanni-ism. Yanniiiiii. Fuckin Yanni flavored maple syrup. Yanni likes mints? DON'T EAT IT, I mean i'm sorry... IT'S NOT EDIBLE, LIKE DIAPERS. I mean brownies. I'm going to say I like Yanni, just to hear everyone question me on WHY I like Yanni...
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[24 Dec 2001|03:45pm]
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AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!! [24 Dec 2001|05:23pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

my mom thinks just because she's sick she is the queen of the fuckin world and is all like "take pity on me, do what i want cause i'm sick" when i was really sick (much sicker than her)..they were all like.. do u have a job yet? get off ur ass and go get a job.. fuck you!>...and my stepdad..he's like will u eat this for dinner.. adn i was like i 'm not hungry..and he's like ..you dont have to bitch i just asked a qeustion and i'm all like..what the fuck are u talking about i said i wasnt hungry! jeezus.. GRR>... parents are so agrivating....especially when their stupid.....i have 45$ right now.....mom (Sam) called and was like..i NEED whatever u have left.. and i'm like ok.. so i walked up to the high school to meet her.. i didnt expect it to be THAT cold.. and it was..so mom gave me a ride home and it was all good..

i'm pissed off at my parents..especially my mom... she's using MY bathroom..she has a bathroom and whenever she usues my bathroom she ALWAYS fucks it up..that pisses me off....i've told her to stop using my bathroom but she still does.. GRR

i need to get out of here

i'm going fuckin nuts

someone come pick me up..lets do SOMETHING...i'm going fuckin INSANE!..i do not want to be here.....

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[24 Dec 2001|05:25pm]
i wanna hang out with chris.. maybe not today.. but like whenever..like we used to....we'll find time..

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[24 Dec 2001|06:04pm]
anyone want to go out tonight...i need to get outta here....ANYONE... someone come pick me up.. please...i'm going insane....i'm gonna cry

i called up chris and was De-Nied.. he's like doing somethign or something....
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[24 Dec 2001|06:27pm]
i called Erik i was so bored.. h's gonna be doing like family shite and stuff.. dude where are all the jews to hang otu with..Oh yeah..international convention...grr.....whats goin on tomarrow?

anyone up for doing SOMETHING..... anything....

wow i feel left out..

i'd be a christian.cause it would give me soemthing to do during xmas..
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[24 Dec 2001|06:51pm]
fine...i wont go out tonight....everyone sucks....i'm hungry and there is no food left and no i do not want ur dirty pork sauseges or whatever those stupid pig-filled bullshit is.. cause yeah i eat that all the time (sarcasm)...

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[24 Dec 2001|07:47pm]
let us play an evil game of Smite!

HAHA! i smite you!
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[24 Dec 2001|07:47pm]
yeah definatly bored
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[24 Dec 2001|08:55pm]
I am 100% creepy old dude

I am 17% Dave
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[24 Dec 2001|09:08pm]
i'm tired...i talked to Jeremy..he's supposed to call back later

and really bored still....i talked to Jeremy..we're definatly going to DC on wednesday

go international convention...i bring Marc an Ashley the joy of glowsticks..

i still havent written jeremy's girlfriend a letter.. she wants me.....to.. hehe

marriott.. hotel..good times..i'll probably just walk around and chill there all day..like i'm the shit..hehe....


Walk Walk 0.1 mile NW to


i win
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[24 Dec 2001|10:16pm]
ET just called to wish me a merry xmas..

dude..i've gotten more "merry xmas's" than "happy channukah's" or happy holidays..

apperently i'm no longer jewish..who'd a thunk it
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