December 25th, 2001


i want an alien for xmas

merry xmas.. ya'll

i went to sleep at like 2:30 cause ET kept calling to make sure i was ok.. cause i was all kinds of sad.. and he kept waking me up.. bnut i dont really was sweet.. i popped an obscene amount of bubble wrap last night.. i was THAT bored.. i'm not doing one GODDAMN THING today.. everyone is busy or somet hing i guess or just like not..

i wanna go see nto another teen movie....

i'd go bowling but like all of the people from Kehilat shalom... being the adults ...will be there and i dont wanna deal with that...

on the phone... ET asked me if he couuld make a pass at Kimi.. he was like "would u be incredably ppissed off" and i was like no.. cause i wouldnt..i would more than likely be extremely jealous if anything.. if he actually did get with her anyway.. cause i wouldnt be with her..then i'd probably be worried that if he did stuff with kimi , he wouldnt want me anymore.. which is probably true.. i miss kimi..she's been home for like 4 days and i've seen her once.. her family is getting her time..i can respect that yo.. i refuse to be home tonight...ii am going to do somethign...even if i'm by myself....i'm going out tonight.... i'm NOT havin it!....

if my mom gets me sick again i'm gonna be SO pissed off.........i'm just on the verge of getting better and my mom would get me sick again... grr

i have a certain image in my head of what Kimi and I would look like if we were together.. and cute....and i dnt know if its ever gonna happen.. and i dont know what to do.. i'm confused......women are confusing....

i miss my MC theatre people.. and kristen.. like i used to see them everyday.. and i miss them now..they are the funniest bunch of people.. Dax isnt going to Ohio in Jan..he changed it to march cause he got a new girl.. i know Sarah is in the VIllage.....but i dont know where.. and i love ben (the naked guy).. and misha.. cause she rocks.. and all the lesbians... Elisa, Karen, Shelly...etc.. and sheldon..cause he's funny.. and lauren.. cause i love her.. yeah..i miss them

so yeah anyone wanna do something with me today or am i going out by myself? me.....
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"today is the day that tomarrow will never see and if u live in yesterday's world you'll nver be free"--SEV--same old song

my mom decided to blowdry her hair in MY bathroomo so now her hair is everywhere.. on the floor in the sink..i HATE it.....i told her to clean it up...i'm so on the verge of kirking out on her.. she neds to fuckin handle her responsibilities..her being sick is NOT an never was for shouldnt be for her...i have NO sympathy for her at all...

i'm tired...and bored..... and hungry..i wonder if the buses are runnign today,....if not..that SO sucks for me

the buses are running but on sunday scheduals... hmm...what to do what to do
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(no subject)

since everyone else seems to be busy..i might go over to Rob's house later.. go see Lord of the Rings during the day and not another teen movie at nmight or something..or just randomly chill with rob..cause u know its cool..

i might leave soon...i might not..

call my cell 301-254-5308

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DUDE......i so dont want to walk all the way to Rob's house.... i think i might ask my stepdad for a ride or somethin..i doubt they'll say yes though

i hope its not cold outside

i dislike jenny's survey immensley...i dont agree with the stuff she wrote about justion..she obviously doesnt know him at all ..overreact much..



i'm bored and tired and my mom is still nagging and bitching about how sick she is...and i'm just like.. then DO something about and stop complaining.. it seriosuly bothers me....and she's like i clean all the hair out of the sink..and i'm like yeah and put it on the floor!.. like i need to be steppin all in that shit..


Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's so empty
and everything is so messed up
pre-occupied without you
I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my sea
you know that i'll protect you
from all of the obscene
I wonder what your doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far
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still havent left

i STILL havent left....i wanna goto ROb's house but its cold outside and i dont wanna walk there....

DivaVivaLF: i'm going insane....i want to goto ur house but like i dont wanna walk there and its cold outside and i'm gonna cry and my family like wont drive me and it sucks....AHHHHHHHh

RyuFoWong: I can see if my mom can come pick you up

DivaVivaLF: that would ROCK

i love rob's mom

i'm tired and i wanna go see a movie tonight...and i wann LEAVE my house....

call my cell...or something..AHHHHHH
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