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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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merry fuckin xmas [26 Dec 2001|03:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

so today like all kinds of sucked....i FINALLY got outta my house...i havent eaten all day though....Rob's mom picked me up and i cbhilled at Rob's house.. mom gaveme a stuffed snowman (cuddly thingie)..its cute.. and soft.. i love rob's mom.. i gave rob and family a can of tomatoe soup.. robs grandparents are cool too.. So me and rob decide to goto the 10:35 showing of Not another teen movie.. but before that we watch scary movie 2 ...and talk to Oscar Online and make oscar think we were doign all kinds of dirty things when we werent.. which was funny.. oh rob and tiha officially broke up now.. its funny..he got SO much more ass when he was goinf out withTiha... (not from tiha) but in general.. hehe.. whatever.. so yeah then we goto Rio.. only tyo realize we dont have our IDs.. so we have to call rob's mom again to bring his ID to the theatre.. then we get up there and realize the movie is SOLD OUT!!.........so we sit in the rio for like 2 hours ... Yanni Marcus was there..but didnt recognize me or say hi or anythign.. and brett was there with Randi and Evan (his sis and bro).. brett sucks..

i'm really hungry.. like REALLY hungry

i watched the end of finding foreester..i have a feeling its a ggood movie.... and i watched DuckTales... and ET called to see how i was.. he's still cute

all day i wanted to call Kimi to wish her a merry xmas..but i didnt want to bother her ..when she was with her family and stuff...

jeremy and i have been talking on and off all day..i love jeremy..he's gonna come over at like 7am tomarrow cause thats the only time he can get a ride over here.. in which i will call him an asshole for waking me up at 7am.. asshole.. hehe.. i still havent written his gf a letter....what am i supposed to say to her.. "hi this is viva..yeah so you want me.. thats cool..whats up.. ".....i dunno.

. food food food is good

tomarrow is JEWCONVENTION DAY....me and jeremy are gonna crash international convention...MWUAHAHHAHA.... cause as much trouble as possible....i hope i run into Ryan Kraft (my 6'1 gay canadian)...i havent seen him in forever and a half...

rob apperetnly got me Buffy on DVD...like he already paid for it and is giving it to me when it gets in..which is SO COOL. buffy the vampire slayer..DVD style

i'm tired..and jeremy will be here in a few hours..i must sleep

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[26 Dec 2001|03:13am]
the original lyrics to have yourself a merry little xmas are like

have urself a merry little xmas.. this may be your last.. etc

it was changed for the movie meet me in st lousi..so it dioesnt sound so crude singing it to a 5 yr old margret o'brian
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[26 Dec 2001|03:17am]
"I hope God would like to consider himself the world's best-kept secret, so all of those that run around trying to let us all in on it will be sent to hell for ruining the surprise."
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[26 Dec 2001|08:45am]
i'm awake.....jeremy's here....asshole...hehe

we're goin to DC today.. umm.... call my cell...lates....301-254-5308

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