December 27th, 2001



You Have A Nice Ass

today consisted of Jeremy waking me up all KIDNS of going to the mall and buying glowsticks for Marc and Geoff.. us going to DC.. jeremy didnt have any my day started off with 45$.. i spent 10 on the glowsticks.. i gave jeremy 6 for the bus and metro .. i spent 3.50 on the metro.. which was annoying..cause i had a card with klike 2.00$ already n it..but i coulndt find it.. i spent like 8 on a sandwhich to eat.. mmm breakfast.. jeremy and i took the metro to Adams Morgan.. the hotel for convention is like across the street which rocks.. so we go in.... we cant find ANYONE.. Rachel Geiger walks past us and bitches at us for being there and was like.. you CANT BE HERE>. leave.. so we're like ok.. so we leave.. we walk to 18th street.. we goto DC CD... at some point crossing the bridge from 24th to 18th. 20$ fell out of my pocket...i was SO MAD.... like REALLY MAD!!!.... i cant believe i lost 20$.. so at that point i had ONE dollar left and like some change.. and i was really mad cause i was all ready to buy a dismemberment plan Cd.. but i couldnt find my 20$ so i was right pissed off.. then we went to Jyoti Indian cusine..where i worked for a year and a half.. adn Auntie number 1 and like jennifer's dad (who is the cook) was like.. "" and so me and jeremy got free rice and currey and it was SO GOOD.... like that was the highlight of my we go back to the hotel ..and we call geoff's cellphone and is like meet us at the front door.. so Ashely (i love you!) ..Marc, and geoff come to the door.. daniel shows up and like fuckin bitches at us... daniel rosenthal HATES me with a passion..i was alwyas causing some kind of trouble in USY..i dont even know how i got on regional board.. or why they even accepted my applicaiton to apply.. he hates me.. as well as janna.. but i didnt see janna so its all good.. So then.. Susan and len come running up!! and len's hair is SO poofy.. DUDE.. mad jew fro.. susan is still TOO fine.. i wonder if she is still goin out with Danny Isenberg.. they were cute together...then Chana and cheryl came over for a while.. i love chana and cheryl... then Zack Schreiber.. (that little ho).. i love that kid.. he was always one of my favorite freshman bitches.. even though at some points he acts like boy (jason briner) but like only a little bit.. and .. Bryna (randomchick who also wants me) was there.. and Miriam (chana's weird butch closet lesbian sister).. who apperently is going out ith geoff now.. and they hooked up or something.. its sad.. cause thats probably the most geoff will ever get.. .chana's sister keeps hitting on me and asking me to marry her..its very VERY disturbing.. i didnt see Ryan Kraft like i wanted to.. and i didnt see Chana's cousin (ben--i think--i dont remember)..the one i hooked up with last IC.. the boston one was great.. oh sweet.. apperently Rick Recht was at convention..i want one of their cds..i have the shirt.. hopefully cheryl found them and got one for me.. apperently convention ends tomarrow..which seems like SUCH a short convention..but whatev.. at the hotel there was a GIANT humungious statue of Abraham lincoln made out of white chocolate.... how weird is that... and all i could thinki was .. where did they get a hunk of chcocolate THAT huge! me and jeremy left and went to sleep on the metro back..then my parents wouldnt come ick us up form the we had to fuckin walk a bitchload far.. in like FREEZING cold weather!....really cold.. home.. apperently my mom went to the doctors.. and got a new perscription.. and it pisses me off that she was using MY COUGH medicine.. like my big green pills.. yeah she's been taking them!!.. the doctor supposably put her on an inhaler or something.. i dunno... so me and jeremy chilled and watxched Dude wheres my car.. then watched it again with Feature commentary.. hehe... then he left.. then like later.. ET came over and we chilled and watched hugh hefners roast and blues brthers 2000.. and talked and stuff.... and the "and stuff" is used extremely loosely....he ate the rest of my favored cheesecake..which is ok.. cause still have like the whoel OTHER cheesecake in the fridge outside.. i gave him the Pledge of Alleigence tour CD that sonny gave me...then he left..and now i am at the present....i want tea....but i dont wanna make it...

.there is a gay party on saturday....rock on..i'm gonna try and go...people (being everyone..kimi..hana..buff..chris)..should come with me

Hi guys! This is Emily Purcell from the Montgomery Blair HS GSA
again - reminding you of the PARTY we are holding THIS SATURDAY (12/29) for all high school GSAS in the DC area:

12/29, 12-5 PM
at the SMYAL House, 410 7th Street SE (turn right as you exit the Eastern Market Metro on the blue/orange line, walk about a
block, it's right there)

** Please bring about $5 (or whatever you can) for a food order (I'm thinking either pizza or Chinese, we'll pool the cash and see what we want and can afford and all that).

There's no dress code or anything, so be creative if you want to. :-)
Please bring as many people from your GSA as you can - most of the Blair GSA will be there, and it'll be fun.

Hope to see you there!


DivaVivaLF: hey saturday there is a party.. at the SMYLE house.. a gay party... Gay as in homosexual.. not in the happy sense.. well hopefully it will be happy...u get the idea

Blue02Dude: put that in your journal, cause that' funny

anyhoo..i'm tired.....anything going on tomarrow?

apperently today i said "indian food makes me sleepy" and jeremy thought it was the funniest fuckin thing in the WHOLE world!....whats that about?

You must be doing something right. You have a nice ass and aren�t afraid to show it off. Keep up the good work!
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yo momma

i'm tired

and bored....

the cleaning people are here......i have cleaning people??? WHAT???.. and since i have cleaning people..why do i always have to clean the goddamn houseso mom goes "clean up so the cleaning people can clean" isnt that their job???....whatever....

anyone up for doing something today??

marc (Canada), chris, justin, erica, etc.. anyone..

ten to one..i f i start to kirk out here..i'll end up at the mall .....AGAIN..... i hate the mall...yet i go there..ALL THE TIME..

biggie isnt mad at me anymore..which is good

umm.... yeah....stuff and stuff....

i want more indian food
or chris's speghettie...its liek the same amount of orgazmicy goodness.. they are both on that level..

anyone figure out whats goin on for new years?

i've been talkin to peter....he's still after diane... hehe.... its funny..

DivaVivaLF: what r u doin for new years
bluegooforyou: i dont knwo i am going t6o try to get diane to come over
DivaVivaLF: still chasin that huh?

bluegooforyou: yepp
bluegooforyou: and always will be

DivaVivaLF: any particular reason?
bluegooforyou: i really care about her and she makes me so happy when i am around her

i miss kimi.... i wanna hang out with her before she leaves..

i really wanted that dismemberment plan cd.. grr.. anyway..

ET confuses me.....shoot him in the knee.... i hate the way he's all like yeah i HAVE to leave.. or his family will bitch..i hate that..cause he's 18 or 19.. or something older than 17.. able to make his own descisions.. he has a job, he takes care of himself.. and he has a fuckin cerfew..that pisses me just does..our whole friendship thing is workin works..i dont have to go out with him (as other people have told me i should).. i'm fine with not being his girlfriend..cause ten to one it would fuck things up..and i dont wanna do that... i gavwe him the POA cd..he liked it.. its all good..

i miss Audrey..i havent seen her in a while

anyway..... hmm..i'm bored...someoen call me to do soemthin

gten to one i'm gonna go out anyway.. so call my cell..cause i'll probably be alone and bored..
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(no subject)

i took a was REALLY cold.. i'm really pissed off now..

i talked to jeff like 5 min ago..he's goign to DC with Jack.. and apperently wants me to meet jack.i want to meet jack too..but i'm not going to DC again..i do not have the money..and like his mom is mad or somethign about em not showing up..and i feel really bad about that..but i was having a really horrible day already and i couldnt get there....if there is something i can do to like make her not like unhappy.then tell me.. i'd pay her back but i dont have the money.. i dont know what to do..i'm sorry....

today is not gonna be a good day.....

i can just tell
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(no subject)

i think i'm gonna go out....i'll more than likely be at the mall... if u all wanna hang.. do NOT HESITATE to call 301-254-5308

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