December 30th, 2001



i didnt sleep well at all..


today is that random capture the flag game at Lakeforest.. sponsored by the gang "poindexter" that i'm in (aka MK nerds).. i wanna go watch..i'm not one for running..

so i'll be at the mall.. maybe Jeremy will hang out with me

as for new years.. i'm SO not in the mood to get drunk and/or fucked i'll probably stay at home.. just chillen...watching movies or something.. feel free to come watch movies with me.. bring movies..we'll order pizza or somethin..i dunno..
as for right now..its me.. and probably chris..

jan 2nd.i. have to get up BITCH-ASS early to go take ANOTHER placement test.. but its ok.. i hope i get placed out of english 002 and into 101 so i can do my tech classes...

i wonder whats up with the job sit.. they are supposed to call me.. when i think of rocky's video..i think of RHPS.."OH ROCKY!!"--tim currey

i'll call jeremy and see if he'll meet me at the mall...uch jeremy cant go....i guess i'm going by myself

call my cell if u want me 254-5308

i really want to go see Dismemberment plan.. but i dont know where/when they're playing...grr
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Saturday, December 29, 2001
Washington , DC
Black Cat
1811 14th Street N.W.
w/Enon & Cex
All Ages - $8 - 202 667 7960

Monday, December 31, 2001
Baltimore (Towson) , MD
Recher Theatre
512 York Rd.
w/Lake Trout
All Ages - $25/$30 (we play at 10:30 - 11:30pm) - 410-337-7178

FUCK..i missed it.....that SUCKS...

i cant get to towson on monday..i'm dissapointed
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is it possible to be happy for people and hurt at the same time?

today i went to the one was there....the capture the flag thing must have been cancelled..or i went on the wrong day or somethign.....whatever.. i read half the book i got from the SMYAL house.. its SUCH a great book..SO funny.....i'll post some of the "re-done" nursery rhymes in soon.. SO FUNNY!... then i was bored and i didnt want to go i called up Rob and was like can i come over.. and he , naturally, was like sure.. there was some hesitation.. cause Kim was there.. so i went over..i walked from the was FUCKIN cold.. so i get there..and kim and rob are chillen..rob is playing some stupid "kill stuff" we talk for a while..then Tihanna and Dustin (our crazy not-gay friend from school).. show up.. and dustin starts talkin about sex and perverted things which amuse everyone except tiha.. which was funny.. so yeah me and dustin are gonna have sex behind the cafeteria next semester (well not really..cause he's tiny and i'd break him..but we joked)...then tiha and dustin played some fighting game and dustin ACTUALLY beat tiha in somethign.. and we were all like....OH TIHA got her ASS BEAT!...then rob kicked dustin's ass.....and it was less funny... cause rob kicks everyones ass.. but yeah.. hanging out with Kim as firends is awesome..i absolutely love it..and i'm SO incredably happy for her and rob.. well if there is anythign going on.. cause they rock adn are awesome..but it also does suck a whole lot..cause its just like i'm not with her.. but still it was fun.. kim and i danced and justin was just liek what the fuck?..and that was funny too.. when i left i walked home in the cold at like was FUCKIN freezing.. when i left kim gave me a big hug.. her skin is ALWAYS so warm and soft.. i LOVE hugging her.. and she smells oh so good.. this whole week did NOT go anywhere near as how i planned it to go... but it will be ok...i guess.. i hope.. aww....anyway

so yeah..My brother (yes Liron aka asshole aka smells-like-shit-dumbass) is MOVING home tomarrow.. so i cant sleep inthe computer room anymore..i have put all my shit somewhere and move back into my room..which sucks balzak.. his apt thing didnt work out so he's fuckin moving home...

and my 'rents are gonna be home tomarrow.... like i really dont wanna go out... but if i stay home i have to deal with 1) my parents..2) my BROTHER!... uch.. and my 'rents were like...yeah you can only have chris over... when they SAID before...that i could have a party!.. so that really fuckin sucks..i know rob is having a thing.. but i'm SO not going to rob's...heather and like little twits are gonna be there and i dont wanna deal with it....and i DO NOT want to goto crystal's at all cause that involves getting fucked up.. and i dont wanna deal wtih that

we should goto Jusitn's work (since he's working) and bother him.. and like buy like soda..and thats it.. granted i dont remember where he works...but whatever..

i still havent seen "not another teen movie" and i want to..

i really dont want next year to come.. after highschool you cant fuck around are like forced to grow up and i hate it... its so much responsibility which i dont want but am forced to have.. and deal with..and i jjust dont want to.. new year..brings on more stress and more drama and more bullshit..who needs that.. uch.. this year is gonna suck.. i can feel it... hopefully i'll do better in school

wednesday i have my placement test... uch

i just called ET...his phone isnt on and there isnt an answering machine thing..he sucks

a quote from Zach Schreiber's aim info

"A dude asked me what punk was. I told him it was a way of life, not a look. He looked confused, so i kicked a garbage can over and said 'that's punk' and he went and kicked a garbage can over and said, 'thats punk?' and i said, no, that's trendy"

your mom
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stuff and stuff

i had a SUPER long conversation on AIM with joe...he rocks..i love his insite on stuff

and i called biggie.. apperently his girlfriend thinks he's cheating on her.. yeah right.. she's all kinds of trying to change him and i dont like when i met her..she was really nice..i dont like her anymore.. like biggie almost broke his hand playing hockey and she didnt even care..she was like good for you!.. like all bitch-like..i hate that.. she should care..

i talked to chris (from school).. he didnt goto rob's house cause he thinks rob like hates him or somethign cause he likes tihanna.. mad crush.. and he knows he will never get it.. so he just shuts up.. he's going to explode one day

dennis is going through some kind of denial or something..and i hate to see him sad....someone date that poor boy...

Kithrael: Viva?
DivaVivaLF: yeah
Kithrael: Tell me something, would ya?
DivaVivaLF: what?

Kithrael: What is it about me that makes it so that, after meeting me, no guy ever wants to date me?

DivaVivaLF: i'm not sure.. maybe it has somethign to do with being a guy..and like testosterone..cause i personally think you would be very datable..: your incredably sweet and ur cute and u care and ur honest..i dont know why people are stupid

Kithrael: ::grins.::
Kithrael: I love you.
DivaVivaLF: i love you too

i do love dennis.. he rocks..

i always end up talking to chris about tihanna and how he's never gonna get her.. this is boring.. but i dont mind

i'm sad..i feel like throwing up..but i havent eaten.. at all..

jeremy wants me to go over to his house tomarrow..during the day..but that involves a whole lotta bussing and stuff...then going to the bowling alley ...hopefully to visit marc.. i want to....but thats a whole lot of walking and bussing and i dont wanna do that.. uch..someone give me another option....or a ride

uch..i feel like shit.. my throat feels like its comign tiny peices and scratchy and eww.. and my nose just sucks..i'm upset with my body

i'm sad.. grr

i want a corner
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Take the Radiohead Collective Member Test.

Creepy, huh?

You have the voice of God although you have eyes that can move independently of each other, and you have a love/hate relationship with the media. You tend to get drunk a lot, and your fans often wonder if you are drunk onstage (which would explain the dancing).
You are notorious for frightening journalists, whether it be your facial tics or your scathing tongue in which you are not afraid to let loose those profanities... naughty you! However, your hate is understood, as your first splash into a well-known magazine featured a ghastly picture of you with the headline "UGLEE OH YEAH!" and for years, the journalists' favourite question to ask you is whether or not you were depressed.

People tend to think you have no sense of humour which is strange because you enjoy potty jokes and Aphex Twin.
You're also prone to throwing fits, whining, and being misunderstood. But this can all be foregiven, because you are in the greatest band in the world.
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tonight was the season finally of the first season of Queer as Folk..the one where Justin goes to his prom and then get s beat up adn Michael doesnt goto california with david..and Justin gets beat up..seriously and brian cries......i cried because of that..its SO have no idea..

oh man..

new season starts next week
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i'm SO freaking ou tright now..i dont want to deal with any decision making at all....

for tomarrow be it my house or ericas..or WHATEVER goes on...i have sparkling cyder...

honestly i'd rather be home..but without my parents.. AND Brother.. ! UCh.. ten to one..he's going to bother us all night trying to hang with us....

so i'd rather go to ericas than dealing with bullshit

i just dont wanna deal with anything right now
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