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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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all i can think of is your mom [31 Dec 2001|05:23am]
[ mood | sick ]

i ended up watching this movie that was all in french..with gerard depardue..i saw it at MUVICO a few months ago..it was funmnny...its about this dude who has to pretend to be gay to keep his job..and its funny..even though its all in french..go subtitles..

i didnt call biggie back...i told him i would..i feel bad

i dont even know whats going on tomarrow....aside from my brother moving in again!!

i cant believe its 5am..i got no sleep and i'm not all that tired...maybe i'll just stay up

chris check out Julia's blog..cause there is a TOTALLY hot picture of Sarah michelle geller

like really hot

kim's leaving in like 2 days..i'm so sad

this past week SO didnt turn out how i expected..

this whole your mom thing is really starting to annoy me..but i cant stop saying it!

i'm SO sad.. justin is like moving to california.. for like being half an hour late (as i understand it).. WHAT? thats BULLSHIT!.. i'm SO sad.. HEY! you owe me goonies!...hehe....i LOVE you!!

i need to clean... aaahhh

my eye is buggin me!


20 min later....

ok now i'm tired....

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grrr [31 Dec 2001|11:36am]
[ mood | sick and tired ]

quote from Ari's AIM info

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

i'm awake

and cleaning

i have like 3 hours before my brother comes home

i still want to go see not another teen movie..

i dont want to be home tonight

i want ET to call

i want to see big money hustlers

your mom

call me at home

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[31 Dec 2001|11:37am]
what can you do with a drunkin hilbillie..cut his fuckin eyes out and feed 'em to his aunt millie.......
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[31 Dec 2001|02:19pm]
[ mood | working ]

cleaning cleaning cleaning....

ok stuff i CAN bring if requested (by that i mean call me)
sparkling cider...frozen pizzas..i can make cookies..which i think i'll do anyway..i have random pretzles ,..i can bring some form of chip and/or cracker.. movies from my video library.. just let me know..

and tomarrow starts another year.. a WHOLE other year....weird

there is a party at mike schaffers tonight....he lives in like columbia though..thats all kinds of like 45 min away..smacks..i was also invited to Stacey Smiths.. but thats all kinds of in potomac.. also smacks

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[31 Dec 2001|02:21pm]
oh can someone pick me up tonight?
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empire records is So my favotire movie ever!....i took it out before and re-posted it..cause i wanted to [31 Dec 2001|02:33pm]

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

i am all of the above
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[31 Dec 2001|03:02pm]
i think i might go make cookies now..

come bake with me.. or ya know..call me at home..or on my cell...whatever

our lady peace rocks my world
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drawer full of panties [31 Dec 2001|03:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

the funniest thing just happend.. i was cleaning out drawers and stuff so my brother can put his crap in the dresser and i foud a box of chicks' panties.. and like 3 pairs of boxers that were given to me.. that i was given from like 20-something of my tricks.. and like some of them had numbers wriiten in them.. i started cracking up.. go silk

i dont even remember the majority of their names.. Oh.. kim and i were talking about it and apperently i beat her out for most chicks.. go me....its funny though..i always talk abut my guy tricks or random hookups ... but with guys..i never told anyone about all the chick tricks i had.i mean ALL the chick tricks.. not even chris.. i didnt tell.. its irrelevent now. but still..i find it amusing

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[31 Dec 2001|03:17pm]
"silly dyke..dicks are for tricks"--some random dude in Adams Morgan one drunk night
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[31 Dec 2001|03:53pm]
i cant bake cookies yet cause of those DAMN cleaning people.. grr..

oh my mailbox outside is all kinds of broken..whats that about?

i called ET to tell him about the SEv shows..but his phone wasnt on.. that bitch needs to call me

joe..if ur not doing anythign..u should call me too
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[31 Dec 2001|05:39pm]
cookies are made.....brother is home....uch... at least he doesnt smell .. too bad anyway
dont forget when u come pick me up to pick out the movies u wanna bring with us
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