January 20th, 2010

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So life..

florida remains awesome. it's finally starting to get warm. BEACH TIME FTW.

Propaganda is awesome, they finally started paying me to work door a couple nights a week. hopefully soon it will be more. I'm also working with the managers on putting shows together.. which is kind of all i want in life. put my own shows together, go for free, give bands the exposure they deserve. Hence the giant band lists and hopefullness of it all.

the union hasnt called me for any work calls. I called them to talk about it and they just said that i'm at the bottom of the rotation and they'll call me and then hung up. im still waiting on it. Livenation work at the ampitheatres starts up next month though.. so my job situation is still pretty much ; i'm still broke and looking for work.

i LOVE my roomates. Nelson is SO much fun. He's a hair stylist and a drag queen and we wear the same size. SO FUN! Mike is a little analretentive but his heart is good and he's pretty funny sometimes. i <3 them.

I miss my mom and my friends. and the maryland local bands.. 86 the effot and pasadena came to florida and it made my life. i wish polkadot cadaver and ballyhoo and clutch would come.. especially to MY venue..bwuahahah..

my lovelife is still pretty much nonexistant. I'm busy. I've been hangin out w/ my friend Gil, he's israeli and hilarious.. My heart is in California though. So i might move out there next year.. but for now patience is apparent the game.

My wife and alex comes to visit in august.. SO excited.. everyone should visit.. i miss you guys.