April 10th, 2010


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so april.. getting kicked out of the place we live..which isn't that big of a deal considering we were living in a hallway with 3 dogs and 2 queers..one of which is seriously bi-polar..

went to key west for 2 days to see niki barr band.. doug got drugged and almost raped..which is not cool at all.. we saved him.. but my issues are mostly if he can't take care of himself , then he shouldnt be drinking.. and he hasnt apologized for any of the disrespectful stuff he did.. i understand being blacked out and not being able to remember things..but that doesnt make it any less disrespectful.. i don't want to have to break up with him..but i'm not happy and it's a problem..but i also don't really know how to verbally express my current feelings in a way he'd understand. it's not just key west though.. there's other stuff going on in my head with all this too that cant really be expressed in a way anyone would understand.

i found a 2 bedroom one bath in lake worth.. its 700 a month, one year lease with a $700 deposit.. my homegirl angie is talking about moving in..which would be kickass because realistically i can't afford it by myself..

the union is seriously fucking me over with work... i'm on the D list and to move up on the lists I have to get evaluated at least 6 times..but i cant get evaluated until i get work..and they wont give me work even though it's there.. it's bullshit.. but hopefully the live nation job will start upo soon and theres a different person in charge so hopefully they won't fuck me over too. Boris moved to mexico and apparently the business got sold, so i lost that job. Propaganda hired some douche to work door and then he fucked up, but they still havent called me back to work..which is all i really want... i love it there.

the weather is still awesome. which helps.. sometime's it doesn't feel like enough.. but i know it is. it has to be. and i'm not dead, so i'm fine.

Reefer Madness has been fun.. not enough money..but i love the cast. the show is hilarious and i'm kinda sad to see it go... i would like to try to get more work in a theatre, but most of the theatre's around here are non profit.

the music scene is awesome.. i wish someone would still take me on tour..at least for a little bit.. especially after getting housing worked out.

i love florida..and my friends here.. but i really miss my friends in maryland...and my family.

i'm going to Houston TX in may for a wedding for like 2-3 days.. and i might be going back to maryland in July for a wedding too..i am missing the DFD reunion show, which kills me..cause their tour isnt coming anywhere near florida...which is bullshit.

i have more rants about other tours that aren't coming here and more shows i can't afford to goto.. but it's not worth posting.

i feel like i'm never going to get in a place where i can be stable here and get to israel. i miss my sisters