April 13th, 2010


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so we broke up.. which isn't really a big deal.. but it still hurts.. it's another one of those situations where i want someone, but they're preoccupied with their own goals..so it still wouldnt work out anyway.. but at least now there's not really any pressure or obligation to hang out..we just have fun when it works for us as opposed to because we have to cause we're in a relationship..i just want him to want me the way i want him..which is just more than he probably realizes or cares to recipricate. life never happens the way i want it to though..

so i found a 2bedroom.. 700 a month.. hopefully Angie will move in with me.. I can't afford it alone.. honestly i don't know if i can really afford it at all..but i can for a little while cause of the money i have saved.. but really, anyone wanna move to florida.. it's in a prime spot..walking distance from downtown lake worth..3 miles to the beach.. plus i'm awesome and i cook.. anyone?.. move to florida!! dooo it!!
I want to get out of here as soon as possible..i hate being anywhere i'm not wanted and theres definitely a strong "get the fuck out" vibe from both of them.. but maybe i'm just over thinking everything.. cause i tend to do that too

i need more work..i have ONE day working the chicago concert at pompano beach amp. this friday..which is awesome..cause i love chicago..but its $8 bullshit cake work.. when what i really want to do take months of waiting apparently..and i'm trying to find other work..but it's more a matter of someone just giving me a chance.. story of my life

i hate stress and drama..and that's all anything turns into.. ever.. and people wonder why i drown myself in music..