April 28th, 2010


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so I moved into my own two-bedroom apartment in downtown lake worth florida. with my homegirl Angie and doug. Doug's gonna live in the living room, me and ang get our own rooms. we have no dishwasher, no washer/dryer. it's a decent price, 3 miles from the beach. right around the corner from Propaganda and lake ave which is where the haps are.. it's tight. it was really last minute more cause me and doug got kicked out of Nelsons. they still haven't given me any particular reason why. i heard it was something like "they don't like the way i live" or my lifestyle.. which i don't completely understand but whatever.

Livenation at the amphitheatres starts soon, the union still spites me.

Q is coming to visit in may :) ...my heart still spites me in the "i'll never get what i really want" way even though it's in front of my face and they aren't interested.. it feels like a waste.

i might be coming to maryland in july for my cousin's wedding. i'll be in houston, texas may 20th - 23rd for my other cousins wedding.

so many people i've met in florida are already moving out. Garrick's moving back to texas, chris just moved to new mexico, Jesse left a few months ago, my friend emily is moving to maryland. everything moves kind of fast here. hard to have time to breathe.

it's getting hot.. im cised about more beach time..even though i'd rather be working.

so i'll be in florida at least a year.. COME VISIT..everyone is welcome.. just let me know when you're coming.

sunfest is this weekend.. i'm bitter about not having any money to goto all these amazing music festivals..and still no help as to who's doing their stages.. it's hard to get any kind of answers.. to anything.