June 5th, 2010


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so life is spiting me right now.. got in a car accident a few weeks ago.. paid 1000$ to fix my brothers car.. good, done... last night i get rear ended.. nothing serious.. a scratch on the bumper.. but it's just like, REALLY?! ..

the apartment.. Angie is moving to oregon with Judd.. she's 20.. she wants to go, fine, whatever. the landlord is fine with it and fine with doug staying in her place. but angie has been really disrespectful this week. her friend Katy came down. angie and judd got mad at her and left her on my front balcony while they went off for like a day and a half. leaving me to help Katy get a way back to michigan.. i didn't have to do much..just let her use my phone and computer which i don't mind at all. but it's kind of the principle of it... you don't leave your "friend" who has no where else to go and knows NO ONE on my doorstep. it's not my responsibility. she also comes home very rarely.. uses dishes and stuff and doesnt clean them, then leaves. leaving me to clean up everything, all the time. it's bullshit. like I have to practically beg someone else to do the dishes on occasion.. god forbid one of them picks up a mop and cleans the floors or the bathrooms. we also have a bug problem. the bug guy came and sprayed, but them leaving cups w/ juice and plates with food still in the sink causes more bugs to come. and all i want is to come home and not have to see a giant cockroach running across my floor.. why is that so much to ask...sigh.

and so i try to call angie to talk to her, her phone is off and she can't find her charger.. so i text judd and call judd who continually tells me that she knows and she'll hit me up.. and she doesnt. but when I left to goto my grandmas today, her car was outside and she was no where. and then when she was home and I did get a chance to talk to her..she just told me repeatedly that she's sorry and she knows, etc. its like if you know.. then DO SOMETHING.
.. i get that she's 20..bailing on your lease is one thing. completely disregarding me and everything you said you'd do is seriously fucked up. they also still haven't given me a date as to when they're leaving to goto oregon.. so Doug and I can't get the other room set up and try to find another roomate or anything. which is also fucking us over.

i'm going so broke and i'm terrified. I've always had enough saved up to take care of myself..my savings..and now i'm having to spend my savings to pay the bills. with no serious income. i really don't know what i'm going to do considering i'm doing everything I possibly can right now.

doug and i are good right now.. some of his manerisms still irritate me from time to time.. but it's nice to have a friend and a lover and someone i trust around. theres another person who seems interested right now, but he's a 40 yr old sociology professor who has mild depression and mild alcoholism and is overly affectionate when i've only known him 2 days.. i can't deal with that seeing as i still have a ton of trust issues and a ton of other bullshit going on. i just have to find a way to tell him sternly without hurting his feelings.. i tried to tell him via text that i'm emotionally unstable and not into rushing hooking up with anyone.. he says he understands but then came over and kept rubbing my back in that" way.. and was doing that at a show last night and anyone who knows me should know that if i'm at a show.. don't touch me.. i'm busy in my own little show world..music comes first. always.


at least i have internet at home now.. so if anyone has skype.. hit me up on it.. i'm easily find-able.

i don't even think the beach can save me at this point.. but i do love living 2 miles from it.. walking distance.. it's awesome.

my grandparents maintain to be awesome.. my nana gave me a GIANT CHOCOLATE CAKE TODAY.. it's HUGE..

there's a ton of new videos on my youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/dvlf .. including amazing bands such as the Sawyer Family.. holy fuck that shit will make you cream your pants.. no joke.. and videos from the lake worth noise ordinance meeting.. they are trying to cancel live music in downtown lake worth.. or at least turn the volume down.. which will completely ruin business and nightlife which was the whole point of coming to lake worth... there are going to be more meetings about it this week at the city hall. i got up and spoke.. i almost cried.. it's almost hard to believe how strongly this place has affected me in such a short amount of time. i love lake worth...i wish it loved me back as much though.

also..new pictures. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v516/DVLF/2010%20--%20all%20new/
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