January 1st, 2018



where i still feel as pathetic as i did yesterday

having the bastard suns post a video from their merch table where someone else was selling merch when they told me they weren't even bringing merch and i die inside because i still miss them even though they treat me like shit

not being able to get a date or even a kiss from anyone when there was a single dude there who even made a post about how single he is and wants someone to kiss. like i couldn't even get a kiss from that guy.

the shows were good though. having spred the dub and vibes farm around are super pleasant always. i got a kiss on the cheek at midnight from my homegirl which was nice. i hugged some new people that needed one.

Being a gemini is hard.. All of me is like THIS YEAR IS GONNA BE THE BEST EVER. ..also all of me is like .. SOMEONE JUST KILL ME PLEASE. all at the same time. mostly the ladder
sexy beef tits


Im cutting up all these band/crew shirts and i pulled out some of brits stuff and it smells like her  and now im crying