January 27th, 2018


January 26th

january 26th is usually a tough day for me. the trauma that all of us endured these days so many years ago will never leave us and deeply affected the way i live my life.

tonight was decent though.

i made a pasta for my grandma and she ate a decent amount which is good for her

i got paid extra out of nowhere

i brought my freezing friend a coat

i made it in time to catch the end of world inferno friendship society and they were still amazing after all these years. and i got in for free

hannibal buress came up on my tinder matches earlier in the night and then i passed him on the street randomly later

i got a lot of hugs and two of my friends walked me to my car even though i was fine but it made them feel better

the existential dread is still there but nothing excrutiatingly terrible happened today.