February 26th, 2018



so the cruise was okay.

i almost died in cozumel. boris drove the jeep onto some dirt roads and it legit almost flipped over. i'm still processing that. we didn't die though and i drank way too much tequila which was unavoidable. but i didn't throw up so there's that. my family doesnt know i almost died. they definitely know i was drunk.

i didn't talk to anyone on the cruise except old people. they were nice though. the amount of racism and body shaming is so present its disgusting. everyone had nice nail polish though.

silent discos are stupid. you give everyone headphones to listen to the same song in the same room but not outloud. what the fuck is the point of that. why have it super silent in a room. why not just put on different music outside the headphones. its just drunk people dancing in a silent room. so fucking weird

i got asked for a november tour already which is rad but no ones got at me for spring yet which makes me really sad. plus anything can happen between now and november

my bank account is -$418.63 in the negative after paying my car insurance. i have some work lined up for this weekend though. but like overnight then working in the super fucking early mornings. no sleep. ever.

my sister got me a vibrator a couple weeks ago. it wasnt super satisfying but it was better than my old one. it already broke and i haven't even used it that much. cant find anyone to get me off and i cant even get myself off. maybe i'm just broken everywhere.

my room is a mess. my car is a mess. my storage unit is packed so high that i cant even reach the stuff on top to throw it out or donate it. i have no one who will actually help me with any of this without wanting something in return. all my real friends are so far away.

christa got an apartment with that lying asshole. i'll most likely never go there.

i miss my grandpa

almost one year for brit

the musicians on the cruise are so talented and so underappreciated.

i dont think i'm gonna eat meat anymore. day 3 is weird