March 5th, 2018

sara's fuck you


I worked all day yesterday. All night over night last night where Some old guy grabbed my coworkers ass out of nowhere. And he's known for doing fucked up shit. Taking pictures of girls without their permission , starting fights , not actually working. I'm so sick of this shit. How many times do we have to write someone up before someone takes action. Can't we just go to work and not be sexually harassed every single fucking day. I'm so enraged and no one does anything about it. It always comes down to me. Which i don't want or have the spoons for this type of controversy for a job i don't like that much anymore. But it's union. And union money is good if you can get it. But when will this shit end? As the guy was getting thrown off the call last night he was screaming about union brotherhood. LIKE REALLY DUDE? REALLY? you're no ones fucking brother. You're a pathetic cry for attention because no one likes you and you're  lonely old useless waste of space. Do some fucking work and stop harassing every single female.

And this one lady was defending him on the loadin saying OH HE'S BEEN HERE FOREVER AND WE HAVE TO RESPECT OUR ELDERS
.. FUCK THAT. Why should we respect a known predator. I don't give a fuck how old you are. This is never okay. I'm fucking sick of it.

I tried to calm down last night and i couldn't. My rage is so violently present.

And now I'm at work on 2 hours of sleep while some parkinglot guy was super rude to a bunch of people at 7am. Like why.. Who's day are you making better by being rude that early. And people keep telling me to smile.

I'm so fucking  tired.


Fuck you tom rose

The letter i wrote my union office today after last night

Id like to file a complaint against Tom Rose

Last night at the broward performing arts center, he grabbed Tina's butt. Unsolicited. They aren't even friends or friendly. It was completely uncalled for and inappropriate. There was 5 to 8 people who witnessed the incident. And while i appreciate Lou rightfully throwing him off the call, Tom continued to scream about union brotherhood and how unfair it was that he had to leave. That's outrageous in general. He is not our brother and has shown no desire to be one.

I'm incredibly enraged about this particularly because I've been witness to now countless times over the years to him sexually harassing women. Or just harassing people in general.

How many times do we need to complain for someone to hear us and do something about it? How many times can you fine someone and have them to continue their abusive behavior. He's a drain on this union and shouldn't be in it. He does no work, has a constant bad attitude, picks fights with people, and continuously harasses people. However old you are or however long you've been in this union or any union is not a good excuse and you should know better.

We shouldn't have to continually worry about being harassed or groped or made to feel inadequate every single job we take. We are good at what we do and we don't feel safe. That should be important to someone. I hope for the sake of our union, it's important to someone and you.

No one is listening to us. Every man who sees another man do this type of thing never writes them up but will continually say something to us on a job about how messed up it is.

We need to think about how we can change this. Or have some kind of stricter no tolerance policy. Because nothing is changing and we are filled with rage about it.

There was another woman on the call last night, I dont know her name, who's expressed that Tom Rose rubbed himself on her deliberately at another job on more than one occasion but she didn't report it because she didn't want to be harassed about it.

I know I keep repeating myself, but I don't know what else to do to express the consistent disappointment and urgency I feel for everyone involved. This isn't okay ever and we shouldn't stand for it or defend people like this.

Passionately and sincerely,

Viva Sigal Sahar