March 20th, 2018


new york is so new york

we got parking tickets every day even though there was no signage indicating we couldn't park there

we hit a cop car while the cop saw and he didn't do anything

we scream FLLOORRIIIDDAAA ..whenever we do something busting a u turn and cutting people off

they're silly and passionate. they talk about music and their interests and how much they love each other. while also making fun of each other the whole time

they actually appreciate me and include me in everything and ask for my opinions on things and mean it.

apparently our singer's dog back home chewed through the fence, ran away, jumped into the new neighbors car, hung out for like 15 minutes. apparently they're also vegan and want to meet him

i fell the other day and busted my hurts to sit..or move..or clench.. everything hurts. it feels bruised but isnt bruised. cause apparently I'm not in enough pain already.

they love to listen to the music they create on drives.

they've all been sick except me but they constantly check in with each other to see how they are and if they need help.

they actively talk about what they can do to better themselves as a band

vegan food is delicious so i might just stay on this path for a while

one year for brit. nothing is easier and nothing makes sense

i will most likely actually be homeless next year if they move nana to a home.

the amount of lonliness i feel is less surprising than before but still not any easier

snow is still the worst

its unfortunate that i most likely wont get paid anything for this tour especially cause i paid $140 to meet up with them but its been nice and weird and wild but also mellow at the same time

six days left