April 7th, 2018


my heart

my heart
will it ever stop hurting?

not even about you right now, i really just miss your friendship now more than anything.. but just in general.

why should i be consistently surprised that everyone is significantly inconsiderate.

why are the only people interested in me married or have girlfriends.

why do tall people stand directly in front of me at shows.

why was i banned from okcupid and why won't anyone return my emails.

why can't the people i love just give me confirmed dates for the tours i want to go on.

why is everyone so full of hate

why does my grandma keep bringing up politics but ignoring very true facts she thinks isn't real. then telling me not to get upset when i'm obviously very upset about all of it all the time and constantly ask her not to bring it up but she does anyway then doesnt like what i have to say. THEN STOP BRINGING IT UP NANA.

why won't skunk anansie ever tour the US.

why do i have so much will power with some things but not the other things i really want it for.

why do i constantly get shit on for trying to practice self care. then whenever i finally get a chance to, i'm always super anxious about it and feel judged and pressured when no one is even around

why is my hair growing in so fucking weird and unruly

why am i still so butthurt about clay deleting me but keeping other people he actively hates. or is it just about the suns and the fact i won't be there anymore

why can't people actually just be honest with me about things.

why can't i sleep ever
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i dont know how much it means coming from me but I'm really proud of you. the struggles and heartache you've had to overcome to be yourself and the way you continue to handle yourself is inspiring to me as i struggle to do the same in my own way. even if i dont have anything to show for it except that I'm still alive. I'm so grateful you exist and that you decide to share your art with me (and everyone)