May 27th, 2018

blue rose

your birthday

your birthday is coming up soon
you would have been thirty four
there's so much still to see here
so much more than before
but you'll never get to see it
it plagues me every day
the fact is you should be here
it shouldn't be this way
the world is a mess now
i know there's nothing you could do
but your smile definitely would have helped
get us all through
i cant believe it's been a year
since the last time i rhymed
i'm still wearing your earrings
to be with you all the time
i hope this birthday is easier for you
since you aren't here
it's still not easier for any of us
but you're still in all our tears
i know you'd be really proud of me
you were always my biggest fan
sometimes you can't save the empire
but you can always damn the man
it should have been your birthday
you would have been thirty four
we would've done something fun
something wild, something hardcore
i haven't been dreaming lately
but i still think of you every day
the impact you've made on my life
is still more than i can say
happy birthday sweet angel
wyld child full of grace
the feeling in my heart
will never be replaced