June 11th, 2018


my birthday

my birthday was lovely today. everyone made me feel so welcome.
jason devore called me his good friend on stage and actually meant it
mike pinto and an entire room of people sang me happy birthday which was super awkward but it was very sweet. i almost cried
his girlfriend loves me and we're best friends now.
i ate a really big apple
random people were excited about my birthday and gave me really nice hugs
i saw a sticker of a band i used to see when i was 17
everyone kept asking if i needed anything
i managed to fit all of the shirts on one table
a bunch of my friends sent me nudes. people i would have never expected.
these people are so efficient and amazing. i've never worked with anyone like this and it's so wild.
why did i get sad you didn't wish me a happy birthday. even though why should you. it doesnt matter. it's just my first birthday without you also..
i had some good bong hits at the place we're staying at. it's 55 degrees here and super rainy.
i have so many pictures to go through.
i really miss ilyse. her boyfriend has the same birthday as i do.
baltimore is tomorrow. i really hope certain people don't show up. i really hope some other certain people do though
why am i excited about going to parts of ohio i've never been. it's a weird feeling.
why is my heart still so sad. is it everything or something specific? why don't i ever know what it actually is?
i am genuinely surprised at the amount of nudes i got though
i need a new phone charger..forever.. why can't they work longer than 2-3 weeks.

this is a birthday i won't forget though


no cake or cupcakes or ice cream though