July 11th, 2018


4 days left

this tour is nuts and filled with drama. everyone keeps getting in their feelings then having the same conversations about the same issues.

i ran out of food stamps and now I'm $200 in the hole cause everything is expensive everywhere. i doubt I'll get reimbursed anything either but they're probably doing 2-3 months in europe next summer and I'm about that. unfortunatly everything else about the rest of this tour is getting harder to deal with.

Ny today. saw a woman with no legs in a wheelchair pull over on the sidewalk..get butt ass naked and piss all over the sidewalk. she had her whole ass out for a good 10 -15 min though. NJ tonight getting gas, the dude sleeping on the sidewalk at the gas station was our attendant. nj forever sucks and i got a bunch of bugbites inside the venue.

canada was fucking beautiful. our show in montreal got cancelled but we walked around all day and the weather was perfect

everyone wants to go home and there's only 4 days left. i don't want to go home..i just want to lay down/stretch out and take a shower cause it's been days and i have new York/jersey all over me.

the bastard suns shit is still fucking with me but its whatever forever now i guess

my friend walt has been in the hospital for over a month having various surgeries. i really don't want him to die. he and his wife and son have the best, most living relationship and the world really needs that.

the sunrise in Pennsylvania is beautiful but any kind of sleep right now would definitely be more beautiful