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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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10 08 [09 Oct 2018|05:20am]
on 10 08 i got a dog fashion disco tattoo
on 10 08 i share this day with ilyse as it's the same day she got her dfd tattoo 7 years ago
on 10 08 i rode a bike over six miles
on 10 08 i saw sea lions and so many birds
on 10 08 i ate delicious tacos and then sushi and ramen that night
on 10 08 i did laundry and repacked my bag
on 10 08 i still got to sleep in a bed even after our hosts got back from their vacation
on 10 08 i listened to music i haven't heard in years
on 10 08 i am grateful that we have another day off in san diego but i'm also so very ready to get back to the shows
on 10 08 i got asked on another tour from nov 23 to dec 23rd
on 10 08 i hope i dream about all the hugs i got today and all the hugs i'll get when i get home
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