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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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today is your birthday you wouldve been 35 [29 May 2019|01:56pm]
today is your birthday
you would have been 35
there's nothing i could want more
than you still being alive
you're still in my thoughts
pretty much every day
a picture, a memory, a laugh
it doesn't fade away
it isn't any easier still
how could it possibly be
i can still feel your embrace
from the last time you hugged me
i still wonder what you'd be doing now
i'd wonder if you'd feel strong
all your dreams of consciousness
all struggling to belong
i wonder if you'd visit me
you always liked the beach
except when it was raining
your hair would get wet and you'd screech
i know my words seem kinda short today
the world is still a mess
my thoughts are over populated
but you brought out my best
you should have been 35 today
i still wish there's something i could do
but i'll never be complete again
not without you

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