December 12th, 2019

blue rose

685 kilometers or 426 miles by andreina carrero

685 kilometers or 426 miles
By: Andreina Carrero

I moved to move out
Ventured to bring home
Wondered if Alone
I could do something more.

I thought of you while rushing
Thought of you everyday
You ‘keep me’ up and running
Kept those thoughts at bay.

If anyone could understand
I think it must be you
For if there is a soul alive
That hears my heart its you

I wonder if you hear me still
I wonder if YOU steel feel
While coldness wraps around me
Can’t you come to help me heal?

I traveled over oceans
I traveled over land
I flew for miles above you
I kept my heart in hand.

What haunts mi thoughts this mourning
What fills me with a doubt,
Is that all, that I have suffered
Will bring no change about.

How is it we are cruel like this?
Where love is the weapon used.
How can we turn our backs to it?
To close our eyes from truth?

Who holds this hot blood in hand?
Who would holds it ‘till it cools?
Not he who dared to shed it.
Not he who let it pool.

Platonic surges form this land.
So too do passive graves.
All those voices silenced.
Voices, in my head they rave.

They sing to me a sick song.
Vociferous cacophonies.
All together ranting.
Why don’t you fight for me!

My sleep is made but like a thread.
Their voices echoing in my ears
About to snap this fragile string.
Like life it hangs between the shears.

While I continue fighting
For you as well for me
I fight to bring them comfort
I fight to satiate their need.

Can I expect success?
OR for a change to come?
For the chains that bind them broken?
For their tongues to numb?

I welcome any comfort
I might bestow their hearts.
For mine is made the stronger
By listening to their thoughts.