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i woke up....

at 9:30am...geezz........ it felt like i had slept for like 10 or 11 hours though....i dont know whats up with me... my throat hurts a little but other than that its all good..

today is my "obscene amount of work day"...i cannot procrastinate but will probably end up procrastinating anyway.. especially on my english.. i hate english..cause i suck at it.. but yeah.i have a bitchass lotta math work to do before monday.. hopefully i'll get a lot done today so i can go party tonight....i have an appt for something at like 7 i i'm probably gonna be late to Daria's.. which sucks..i hate being late and leaving early from places..

i'm thinking about going up to the school and hanging out with my friends during the pep rallys.. i hate them but i miss my yeah.. anyway..

i think thats it.. i read kimi's letter over and over like 10 times!........(chris, ... PRESSED much!).. maybe she does love me?!?.. but its alright..

i gotta get directions to daria's...i know she lives by Jordan.. and i have the address somewhere.. she lives right next to Jason Beach..even though he isnt there anymore.. but its all good..

i've been listening to Ithica College radio..cause my bud (who's hot) mike schaffer is the dj on it.. he's awesome

they play 80s music..i'm madly in love with this station!!!! a-ha--take on me..ROCK ON!!

anyway.. or if i'm not home then on my cell
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