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erica and ryan came over after the peprally and named my ugly brown couch..RolaDex, the ugly brown couch.. hehe

which works for some strange reason...i still dont know how i'm gettin to Daria's tonight..

umm.. yeah.. heehee..i saw pat in the hat today..i'm madly in love with him..well no not really..i kinda want to hook up with him....he's SO hot! well no not really..but he's cool.. yeah.. and robbie's hair looks so good!!.. and just a dumbass.. and BOng is tight..she made me shoes.. if i wore shoes.. hehe.. Bong(nicole) so cool...and like NIcole(mike's nicole) i lost her shoes... but its all good

umm ... i didnt see ms ogaz and i wanted too.. maybe on friday's i'll go hang out with the clique during lunches.. i dunno..its all good

i saw my BABY!!!!!! marc frankel..he's my child..i love him to peices in more ways than 3... he's just SO adorable..he's my love child..i love him.. and i saw audrey (who's hot and kissed me..again) and Jaime Paige..who looked hot today.. she has cool jeans..

i didnt see my buff..but its alright.i love buff..she's hot!!!.... and like i didnt see chad (aka wesley...audrey's little brother).. i call him chad..he's cute.. and adorable...that littel fucker bites..hehe..crazy freshman

anyway..thats about it..i'm gonna do work now..maybe..yes.. i WILL do it.. grr..but i dont wanna.. but i gotta!!!!.. so yeah..i will..

the end

i'm madly in love with my suspenders...and i make out with girls..its true ya know!
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