viva (dvlf) wrote,

another letter from Kimo

Hi Viva,

Thanks for the update and I hope school is treating
you OK. Glad to hear you've heard from Ali and
McKenzie. So far you're the only one who has
acknowledged receipt of my E-mail. No biggy, people are busy.

I'm not sure when the next ride will be for me as I'm
unemployed and still need to find a job once we get to Chicago. Hopefully I'll be able to do the heartland

Take care,

my response:

hey Kimo,

School is great..except for english...cause i suck at it..stupid essays!..heartland is cool..hopefully i'll see u there.. hehe.. i'm SO siked! i'm gonna get my digital camcorder today!!! i'm so excited!! YAY! here check it out!! .. it kicks SO much!!.. its all good.. i think i start massage school in like 2 weeks or so.. my friday class..hehe.. i'm not exactly sure.. but then i can crew massage as opposed to just hanging there all the time!..good times.. i had the best day yesterday.. my friend Eshed got me Rainbow Suspenders!! They are the coolest things in the WORLD!!! they rock..i've been wearing them all day!..then when i got home..i got a letter from Kimi..from boot camp in Mossouri.. yesterday rocked!.. thats pretty much all for now..i got mad parties to goto tonight.. so i gotta do my work (no one told me there was gonna be reading in college--hehe..jk)

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