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damn corners

i've been crying all fuckin day....and i dont know why... i'm sure it has some psycological reasoning having to do with my friend's fighting..but mom was on the way to dropping me off at shady grove..and i had a total melt down and started crying my eyes out...and she was like you dont have to go...and i felt SO bad..cause i signed up to help.. but i didnt go....i went with her and my aunt randi to behnke's (some flower place)... and fell asleep on a bench while they shopped for flowers......i've felt like shit all fuckin day...

tonight i have to deal with family setp bro in law and sis... grandparents (the other ones not the ones i dislike)... and whoever else.... i so dont wanna deal with it .... i really really really hope someone will come over for dinner....being chris..but ten to one he wont... so anyone wanna come over for dinner tonight??....please......

mike harab (nerd from churchill who takes me to blast every year)... remember him..... i love in the sense of friends....thats it...i'm not attracted to him at all and he's like madly in love with me... and i dont know what to do... cause i dont like him like i dont know what to do

i went to giant today..and on the luck charms cereal boxes, they have leprachaun pez dispencers and i wanted it but i didnt get a box....and so now i'm sad....

whatever.....i've been crying all day.... i feel like such a wimp......i need a hug... i wish chris would call.

i hate bras

i'm tired.... i'm gonna try and fall asleep....but it probably wont work....

i'm hooking up the nintendo to the tv in the room where my computer is..

all my corners are filled and so i cant goto a corner and cry and so i'm sad or come by if u wanna
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