viva (dvlf) wrote,

so yeah.....i saw shannon on the way home from the mall....she shaved her entire head except for her i was like feelin up her head cause it was fuzzy.....

i'm talkin to nate.....apperently he got laid....and not with a really fat chick...hehe.....i find that funny

DivaVivaLF (7:55:07 PM): yo nate.....whattup

psikotic freak (7:55:30 PM): Nada, horny as always. Got laid out here finally.

DivaVivaLF (7:55:39 PM): with a fat chick?

psikotic freak (7:55:48 PM): Nope!

DivaVivaLF (7:55:52 PM): rock on
DivaVivaLF (7:55:58 PM): hehe... congrats

psikotic freak (7:56:06 PM): Cute chickie from the local collage. She had implants though... that was odd.

DivaVivaLF (7:56:34 PM): it happens....hehe...did u get the urge to poke them with a needle or somethin?

psikotic freak (7:56:48 PM): Nope, much biting.

DivaVivaLF (7:56:55 PM): fun fun

psikotic freak (7:57:01 PM): mmmm hmmm

OH!!!! jeremey got the 6 on my phone to just have to press down real hard on it.... the 9 and the down button still dont work though
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