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i swear.....avi does nothing but bitch at me....he never talks to me anymore...all of a sudden he's too important to talk to me.. cause he goes to colllege park and i goto MC...he's oh so much better than i am now.... whatever... just cause he has a whole lotta sex with sarah , he thinks he's some kind of fuckin hero..... i guess he forgot about me....doesnt care anymore.. whatever... so much for our conversations.... who'd a thought.....avi not caring... i never expected it...

i remember whwen i wrote this too.....for his bday...i made him a "spechia"l card and everything too

This is a spechial gift from me to you
We do the things that best friends do
I cant express what you mean to me
You've brought me a sense of reality
You've always been there as a friend
You're not a bad dancer, you're overly Caucasian
You are a dork and you know its true
I can't begin to tell how much I depend on you
As much as I love you, As much as I care
I'm so glad to know you'll always be there
It seems like I've known you forever already
I still never found out if you like spaghetti
W/ your ghetto whiteboy Hebrew you'll always get far
Remember I'm here for you, no matter where you are
From parties to chillen and watchin movies
To me, you will always be randomly groovy
You're a good Jew, don't ever forget
From morals you break, only the bad ones regret
To random conversations, you're always a friend
I can't thank you enough, best buds till the end
A Spechial gift from me to you
Yom Huledet Sameach and Happy Birthday, too!
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