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i'm home....and incredably bored......i went to funcoland..i got the goonies II game and darkwing duck.. for no reason....i'll more than likely end up taking them back..

call me...we'll do something....

i really want ET to call...or even greg...but mostly ET.. i want to hang mom and grandma had this huge arguement about tomarrow (the whole going to the country thing).. i told her i wasnt going tomarrow....she was like whatever..and like my grandperents kirked out.but i could care less... so whatever

ok my mom just walked in and like is taking my printer and my scanner (that i dont even have a cord for) even though she fuckin HAS a printer.. and whatever...FUCK HER!!!! i got my grandpa's computer....not her.....she can go back to her crappy laptop.....grr!!!!!

whatever...i'm SO bored.....grr

mumble grumble grumble mumble
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