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throat commentary from an anonymous person

You can't get your tonsils out while they are still swollen.

The kind of throat pain you are having is not because of your tonsils so having them out won't solve the problem.

If you do have your tonsils out - then you'll still get an infection but it will just go somewhere else. Think of places where it would be worse to have an infection and remember - sure it could be better - but more likely it would be worse so what you have maybe isn't so bad.

Take a tall glass and put enough salt in it to cover the bottom of the glass. Then put really warm or hot water in the glass - not hot enough to burn you but as warm as you can stand. You can test it with your finger. Then mix the salt and the water together stirring until you can't see the salt anymore. Then gargle using the entire glass of water a mouthfull at a time. Then take some advil - 3 or 4 of them. Do this every 4 hrs and your throat pain will go away.

Hope you feel better!!!

that was the nicest persoin i'll never know... thank you for the wisdom
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