viva (dvlf) wrote,

i'm in ms francis's room cause i dont have an 8th period and i'm just looking through people's livejournals and i found one that is interesting and i've been reading about him, this guy named Joshy.. who is hot and in one of his entries was this:

Wanting-> more books.

Having-> budget issues.

Loving-> my new spring coat.

Hating-> kid rock.

Hearing-> one more time - daft punk

Wishing-> people would stop being lame in the bad way.

Craving-> pasta.

Regretting-> buying my sweet-sweet new spring coat.

Searching-> for food.

Wondering-> if there is actually "25% more" glue in this here glue bottle.

Fearing-> indecisiveness.

Being-> generally content.

and i just thought that it was wonderful....its a great way to express something and i just wanted to share with you all...

probably going to the mall after school today w/ chris/jordan, etc... and then i have therapy at 2... but other than that nothing is going on....i'm probably having a party on friday..

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