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party party party

so ryan and erica came over yesterday.. we talk.. i make cookies or Daria's party and ryan and erica goto pick up chris..

we decide to go see a movie.. we ended up driving around rockville trying to find Ari Levin's house (not ari R)... we finally get there and the jews are there.. minus ari cohen.. it was ari r, melissa(so cute), tamar, sarah K, ari L, sara w, jason pickar, beth karp, and that other dude who i cant remember his name... ryan and erica felt really..out of place...and the fact that ari levin was like "umm, yeah get out was mean..the JDS peeps were like making an end of the year movie or something.. its all good.. so we end up leaving and going to the mall.. i go upstairs to give ari r a hug, and he kisses my cheek which i really wasnt expecting.. so that was like whoa.. i wouldnt let ryan kill him.. he amuses me.. so cute..

so we goto the mall and Sbarro's pizza is gross... yuck.. anyway.. we eat.. we goto Daria's party..... i got humped and raped about 23 times... and yeah we passed the mini glowsticks around and that was fun.. the we played games.. nicole bit me... she left a mark on my neck.. i was like whoa.. Daria's brother who is hot.. really isnt her brother, and the girl thats her sister, isnt her sister.. so that was weird.. daria's party was A LOT of fun....kimi left me a msg and i tried to call her back and it didnt work an i was sad.. i really want to hang out with her soon..she was all i could think about all last night.. i actualy got sleep at daria's house.. i fell asleep from like 2-8:30am.. so yeah.. me and buff were sleeping together in Daria's guest bed.. i fell right asleep.. i was so tired from lack of sleep.. this morning we made liek 10 packages of ramen noodles.. we put it in a BIG pot.. it was funny....and we watched HOOK.. BANGERANG!!...rufio is hot.. acording to buff..hehe..people there: daria, alice(daria's sister), Slava (daria's brother), mirabai, nicole, mike, Julia, Duby, Ryan(cookiebitch), Bong(other nicole), Gini,Greg,Jordan,Tyler(slut),leilani, buff (who was naked), brad(who's name is mikey), chick who brad was making out with, peter, Deise(who's hot), robby, brent, Jaime-paige (anthonylover), anthony,audrey, ryan-chrs-erica(fo a littlebit), i think thats it.. hmmm...

so yeah.. a goodtime had by all...

i can hardly talk.. my voice was gone this mornng.. but got most of it back..

the chapter thing is tonight.. if ur jewish and u wanna party and go bowling and whatnot with a bunch of other jews.. be at kehilat shalom (in gaithersburg on appleridge rd)at 7:30.... i'm going.. i havent slept at my own house in 3 days..heehee..

my family is having a BBQ tomarrow for fathers day at like 5/6ish pm.. anyone wanna come?? you call can! just call and let me know!

apparently my mom didnt even goto the concert and she was the one bitching.. my uncle called me today and bitched at me and was like "you shoud have had everything worked out"..which is SUCH BULLSHIT..i'm so mad.. i had things worked out.. me and erica and my mom didnt give me MY tickets cause she fuckin wanted to go.. and she didnt even go.. so i'm fuckin pissed off!..whatever daria's party was probably much better thana fuckin backstreet boys concert anyway.. but still its the principle.. my uincle was fuckin bitchin at me.. an he was like "yeah, i doubt you'll be able to get anymore concert tickets from randi--you shoulda hadit worked ut". I DID G-DDAMNIT!!....FUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!>.. err!!..anyway

my silk boxers ripped.. i'm so mad.. just like a little sit on the side of them.. i'm sad.. i'll get new ones from khols when i get a chance.. my mom got me sandals which match my boxers, which match my shirt.. which rocks!...

someone left the most random msg on my voicemail.. i cant tell what it is.. some guys voice mumbling and then random jazz music, like a saxiphone or something.. its weird. i'm confused..anyway..

i think thats all.....if u wanna hang call me a home until like 7.. then call my cell..also if u wanna come with me tonight.. call me.. all jews invited.. and also the goys who are pretending to be jews are invited too.. Kehilat shalom at 7:30..

my neck and back hurt so much......i want a neck/back rub.. you have no idea..

evil goes away on wednesday!.. my party on wednesday is gonna rock!.. i need more balloons though... so if u have any etra balloons or you can bring some that would rock!!!...let me know
more people are comign on wednesday.. so try to come that day.. thursday is gonna be a bit more tame!.. its all good.. come thursday too!!....if u need my address and stuff let me know!

thats all for now me

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